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Learning Palestine is a group of artists, academics, intellectuals and community members, who aim to disseminate knowledge on the history of the ongoing struggle for justice, liberation, and freedom of Palestine and the Palestinian People.

Learning Palestine practices new and old ways of disseminating knowledge, that function without the constraints of social media and corporate controlled networks. As part of this effort Kunstverein Aughrim is proud to amplify the work of Learning Palestine.

Kunstverein Aughrim is currently hosting a collection of essays that are essential readings for a comprehensive understanding of the Palestinian struggle (pictured above). Authored by diverse writers from various backgrounds, these essays span different periods and cover a range of topics.

Learning Palestine are (re)publishing these texts to disseminate knowledge on the history and present-day struggles for justice and liberation for Palestine and the Palestinian people. They opted for publishing the texts without going through the process of seeking permission from the authors or publishers* in the belief  that these texts ought to be read, circulated, and acted upon urgently as the genocidal war on Palestine continues, unabated. The publications are meant to contribute to historical and political literacy for liberation in the service of the people. What is knowledge for if not to change the world to a just place for all?

If you would like to print your own versions of these texts please follow the instructions on the Learning Palestine website here.

*These texts are not meant to be used/ circulated for commercial purposes.

The word pamphlet originates from the 12th-century Latin love poem ‘Pamphilus, seu de Amore’. Pamphilus, or ‘concerning love’ is derived from the Greek name Πάμφιλος, meaning ‘beloved of all’. The popular poem formed a slim codex and was copied and circulated widely.

Kunstverein Aughrim is proud to amplify the important work of Learning Palesting, organised collectively by an anonymous group of artists and cultural producers.

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In solidarity - FREE PALESTINE