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Title: Ginger&Piss #5, Audience
Editors: Reinier Klok and Isabelle Sully, in conversation with Yana Foqué
Design: Marc Hollenstein
Publisher: Kunstverein Publishing
Publication date: 2020
Language: English
Price: €15.00

Kunstverein’s in-house magazine is a cross between an academic journal and a darts club newsletter. Each issue of Ginger&Piss (the name is a misquotation of Lawrence Weiner) contains a limited amount of contributions that vary in length according to the subject matter at hand. The remit of Ginger&Piss is simple: to provide a platform for candid critique but at the same time allow the author to stay hidden. Therefore, the concept dictates that each contributor writes under a pseudonym. The use of pseudonyms can be considered an answer to the cowardice of the art world, albeit a somewhat hypocritical one.

‘Audience’ is the theme of the fifth issue of Ginger&Piss and sees the magazine take a digital turn in the form of a survey. Unpacking the murky territory of ‘audience engagement’, this issue toys with statistics and funding requirements to really sincerely ask ‘Who is Kunstverein’s audience?’ With contributions by Chantal Baden-Baden, Nathaniel Clark, Valentina Nails and Auntie Rose.