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‘WORKS 1968–1975’

Title: Hans de Vries ‘Works 1968–1975’
Editor: Krist Gruijthuijsen
Design: Marc Hollenstein
Publisher: Kunstverein Publishing
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 23 x 30cm
Language: Dutch/English
ISBN: 978-94-90629-14-4
Price: €15.00

Hans de Vries concentrated on the study and registration of processes and appearances that occur in and are created by nature. De Vries was a close observer, an onlooker and an eyewitness whose aim was to discern and document the relationship between man and his natural environment. His practice has been referred to as ‘micro-emotive art’, a term coined by the Italian artist Piero Gilardi. Hans de Vries ‘Works 1968–1975’ is de Vries’ first exhibition since he stopped producing art at the end of the 1970s. It is a retrospective of all the publications and book-related works, including parallel articles and essays about his practice.