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Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde
Situated Reading
Reading group event as part of the exhibition objects as buoys in the life acted
15 April 2023 
The Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny

In April 2023 Kunstverein Aughrim presented situated reading #1, a discursive workshop that preceded the opening of Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde’s solo exhibition, objects as buoys in the life acted, at the Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny. 

The workshop centered around a text selected by Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde and written by artist Cameron Lynch. Limited to 15 participants, the workshop aimed to explore the relational proximity between artworks, ideas, and subjectivities, as an attempt to see if distance could be collapsed between disciplines, between objects, and between people.

Mac Giolla Bhríde uses writing as a way of producing thought. For the artist, diaristic, observational texts, authored in specific locations, have the potential to collapse distance and enable the co-habitation of memory and thought. Situated writing like this is a new development in Mac Giolla Bhríde's largely sculptural practice. Kunstverein Aughrim is working with them to unravel the meaning and mechanics of reading and writing in and from a specific location, testing how the architectural reality of a site can inform an attitude, feeling or conviction through spatial presence, invited or not. objects as buoys in the life acted marks Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde’s first solo exhibition in their hometown of Letterkenny. The exhibition, at once sculptural and personal, is composed of an assembly of objects, anchored temporarily in space. Building a self in the form of a room, piece by piece, this is an exhibition about the systems of understanding and modes of un/making with which we can engage.

Cameron Lynch is an artist, researcher, and writer from Dublin, Ireland. Their work is interested in the material of text as 'found object', interrogating the relationships between gender, expanded/relational linguistics, and notions of (im)materiality. Most recently, they have focused on a methodology of re-diverting gaze away from bodies and back toward the infrastructure that encases them, in an attempt to understand the mechanics behind that which legitimises/illegitimises subject, object and language. Their practice is most often research based, that research is exteriorised through various mediums including writing, performance, video and sculpture.

Kunstverein Aughrim’s ongoing collaboration with Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde is made possible with the support of The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.